A MAN threatened to bite another person's nose off in a string of angry messages, a court has heard.

Matthew Gillespie pleaded guilty to charges of being drunk and disorderly and harassment when he appeared before magistrates in Hereford.

Prosecutor Melanie Winterflood said Gillespie had visited another man's house after an incident involving his brother on April 24.

But after he left, Gillespie made a number of voice calls and sent various text messages and videos to the man, including one that said "I will bite your nose off," and another that told him he was a "goner."

In police interview, Gillespie admitted sending the messages.

He told officers he had gone to remonstrate with the victim after receiving a message from his brother and that he had sent the messages after drinking a bottle of whiskey.

In a separate incident, police had been called to reports that Gillespie was behaving inappropriately at the Herdsman pub in Hereford's Widemarsh Street at 5.50pm on May 27.

On arrival they found Gillespie slumped on the floor. But as he was roused, he shouted abuse at police before staggering out into Catherine Street.

Gillespie was arrested after refusing to leave and forcing officers to physically remove him from the road, where he was posing a risk to himself and others.

His behaviour continued as officers tried to put him in their van, shouting and screaming at them and lying on the ground.


Marilena Di Vitantonio, for Gillespie, said his brother had contacted him to tell him he had been attacked by the harassment victim.

"He took the matter into his own hands and says he would not have actually done anything," she said.

"On the second matter, he had not intended to go out and drink alcohol and says he only had one drink and believes that was spiked."

Gillespie, of Sherborne Close, Hereford, received a 12-month conditional discharge and restraining order and must pay a £22 victim surcharge. No costs order was made due to his means.