Terry Moore expressed ‘concern’ about climate change, but not as a crisis, an emergency which unless addressed urgently is described by the IPCC a threat to ‘most’ human existence within this century.

Even with action, we cannot avoid severe weather as normal, rising seas overwhelming our coastal regions and cities, collapse in food production as farms are destroyed by heat/fire/storm/flood/drought. Famine and billions of refugees – we will be directly affected.

Mr Moore considers mild inconvenience by activists outrageous – an insult to the nation no less. The younger generation are in danger – but a brief interruption to traffic flow is heinous.


Governments just aren't listening about climate change

I find the continued failure by Government and media to ensure that the public really understand the peril, what changes are essential, how to protect ourselves is what’s outrageous and an insult to the nation.

Mr Moore feels in no danger whatsoever and expects life to continue unchanged. Media coverage is in the blandest of terms and reassuring manner.

Coverage continues to fail in helping understand how it will affect us, and fails to show how the dots connect. Fails to instil urgency. Fails to fact check denial – read any thread on HT online about climate issues. Fails to tell how Herefordshire is affected.

Our government declared Climate Emergency yet doesn’t act with any urgency. But it is ordinary people who face the impacts and we deserve – are entitled – to be told the truth for the next generation.

Karen Rock


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