I refer to John Driver’s letter of September 10 in which he attacks Extinction Rebellion.

This protest group, which organises peaceful, non-violent demos, is not just concerned with the UK’s attitude to climate change, but all the countries of the world.

Governments are just not listening. Climate change is the most urgent matter concerning our planet.

Not only is climate change up to individual nations to tackle, but there should be global co-operation.

May I suggest that to begin with, the UK could get together with the other European countries, not just those in the EU, and work out a joint strategy between them for Europe.

This would at least be a start towards planetary collaboration.

Three salient points:

1. There is a consensus amongst climate scientists that climate change is happening, and that much of it is caused by human activity.

2. There have been so many “records” broken over the last five years, for example: (a) NASA states that the Arctic sea ice is now declining at a rate of 12.85% per decade and (b) 19 of the warmest years have all occurred since 2001. All this is happening far too quickly to be “natural”.

3. It is still best to cut our emissions anyway; surely it is better to be safe than sorry.

And time is running out rapidly!

Eric Fitch