Like Cathy Monkley, whose recent protest was featured in your newspaper, I also have grave concerns about many world issues, including climate change, hunger, lack of clean water and others. However, unlike Cathy I do not see my concerns as entitling me to make life more difficult for other people.

She chose to block the road, preventing people from going about their work, shopping and other lawful activities.


She could have protested in front of the bull in High Town, but no, for although this would have attracted public attention, it would not have inconvenienced people.

I choose to donate and fundraise for several of those organisations that work to address some of the important issues that face the world, and I am not alone.

The generosity of the British public in supporting appeals for international aid is remarkable, and to assume that the only way to make the public aware of any issue, be it climate change, world hunger, earthquake appeal or other such, is to prevent them going about their business by blocking the road is an insult to the nation.

Terry Moore


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