I MUST write to congratulate those in charge of north Herefordshire highways on some inspired tourism planning.

Matching the condition of our highways with the ages of our fine village/town churches to provide an immersive medieval pilgrimage experience complete with ruts, puddles and potholes in ancient town centres like Leominster for visitors to our beautiful ‘timeless’ county.

This has not just happened overnight and it is clear that the policy of careful neglect, ignorance and ‘prioritisation’ of funds to other more important Hereford-based things like abortive bypasses, cycle lanes and office moves has really put Leominster roads onto the medieval map of England and into tourist checklists.

I do hope that this policy comes to fruition for our rural roads as they become protected greenways full of wild flowers and abundant hedges as we seek to move around our county in a more ‘carbon-neutral’ manner.


Nick Dimarco


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