How interesting to read the letter from Maggie Setterfield (April 22) about not mowing her garden during the first lockdown.

Herefordshire’s verges seem to be going the same way, apparently to encourage wild flowers. While some do have a few colourful flowers, others just end up looking like we simply don’t care about our area.

I’ll admit, it is one small way to help the environment.


Why I'll be following Monty's 'no mow' lead this year

We do need to do more to encourage wildlife, as we’re relentlessly told we’re facing a climate emergency, and the council says it will keep areas around junctions clear.

But can we at least decide which verges are flourishing and which just look a mess? Add litter into the equation and Herefordshire can seem quite unappealing.

Maybe after a few summers of this wildlife-boosting idea, we’ll see that there is a benefit to nature, and it’s not just a cost-cutting measure.

Philip Hillman


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