A 57-year-old man has escaped an immediate jail term after he threatened to slash a police officer’s throat during a vodka-fuelled rampage.

Alan Newton had been drinking before threatening PC Marie Powell in Knighton on St David’s Day.

Earlier, he had caused damage at a café and threatened the owner, and was heard repeatedly shouting “I want sex” which prompted a call to police.

Newton, of Ffrydd House, St Edwards Close, Knighton, told magistrates in Llandrindod on Wednesday, April 14, that he could not remember anything from the day – although he still pleaded guilty to all four charges he faced. They included being drunk and disorderly, criminal damage and two counts of threatening behaviour.

Prosecutor Stephen Davies said the first victim had seen Newton causing a nuisance in Knighton at 12.06pm on March 1.


He said: “Next thing he entered her shop, he appeared intoxicated, and he said ‘I hate you’ and was pointing at her. A delivery driver then came into the shop and the defendant went up to him, with no mask on, really close. He was heard saying ‘I want sex’ repeatedly.

“She turned around, heard a bang, and then saw the male on the floor on top of protective screen and a table leg. He was struggling to get up.

"A number of people came in and asked him to leave, but he refused. He was eventually picked up and escorted out by members of the public."

Mr Davies said PC Powell then arrived on the scene and found Newton at the back of the Knighton Hotel car park.


“He was shouting at her and threatened to slash her throat and tried to bite her. Other officers then arrived," he said.

“In interview he said he’d drunk vodka that day, a friend had bought him some more vodka. He said he didn’t deliberately cause damage and when he was told what he’d said to the officer, he told them he’d said things like that before to a police officer.”

Magistrates heard from probation officer Donna Davies, as Newton is currently subject to a community order issued by the same court in February for a similar matter.

“Alcohol abuse is the trigger for his offending but Mr Newton does not accept he has an issue or needs help with alcohol misuse,” said Ms Davies, who added that police had noted a reduction in complaints in the local area about him in recent months.

Acting in his own defence, Newton said he’d saved up £50 for the damage he’d caused and had paid it to the cafe owner.

“I’ve got a problem when I’ve had too much to drink,” he said.

“I normally drink beer, but I’d had some vodka that day and it’s strong. I was too drunk that day, but I don’t drink every day. I was on a tag when I got drunk before so having another one isn’t going to make a difference.”

Chair of the bench Angela George told Newton: “This was a very unpleasant incident which will be remembered for a long time by others it caused distress to."

They handed Newton an eight-week prison sentence – but suspended it for a year.

Newton was ordered to pay an additional £75.59 compensation and must also pay a £128 surcharge and £85 costs.