As a retired primary school teacher who both taught sex education to many of our pupils and also sent many up to the highly regarded St Mary’s School, I have followed the recent discussions with interest.

St Mary’s is a comprehensive, state-funded school which takes children, many of whom are not themselves Catholics and whose parents have chosen the school for its overall standing rather than its specific commitment to a policy which rejects many forms of contraception, fails to accept homosexuality and undermines gender equality.


This is particularly disconcerting at the time of a Herefordshire vigil to recognise the sexual abuse of women and the death of Sarah Everard.

Children are bombarded daily with inappropriate images on social media which are so often and easily shared amongst friends both within and outside a school.

For the safety and wellbeing of all pupils, it is essential that school teachers use their position to convey a view which respects the sexuality of all pupils.

Mr G Brocklesby


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