I HAVE lived in Herefordshire for 30 years and have always enjoyed cycling along the network of beautiful lanes.

I was delighted to hear of the proposal to create a cycleway from Hereford to Hay.

Imagine the bliss of being able to cycle into Hereford without braving the traffic.


When we locked down last year there were many more people cycling; this has continued and I hope is here to stay.

Unfortunately I have met quite a few less confident cyclists who have been put off by the worry of being knocked off their bicycles.

A cycleway would be absolutely wonderful for our health, our environment and our economy.

I would strongly urge Herefordshire Council to continue to resist the plans (from HRE - Historical Railways Estate) that are afoot to dismantle the old railway bridges (including those at Ailey and Hurstley) which would in my view compromise this section of the cycleway.

Dr Oliver Penney


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