MOST will be used to just popping to the shop for a bottle of milk, or still getting it delivered, but there were days when it came in bags.

The bags of milk were then put in a jug, like the blue one pictured above, and Hereford’s Bartonsham Dairies was one place that dealt with bags.

It’s been a big discussion point in our We Grew Up In Hereford Facebook group this week as some of the 9,600 members reminisced.

Julie Rea kicked off the talking point by asking if anyone remember getting milk in a bag and putting it into a blue jug.

Hereford Times: Hundreds of people in the We Grew Up In Hereford Facebook group have been talking about getting milk in plastic bags and then using a blue milk jug

“Nobody up north seems to have a clue of going to the shop for a bag of milk, and chewing the corner off on the way home from the shop and drinking it,” she said.

But while people from the north might not what Ms Rea was talking about, hundreds in the group did.


Mick Stuckle said: “I lived in Grandstand Road, and my neighbour was having a row with his milkman about not receiving his milk bags until we found out my lurcher dog was pinching them off his doorstep and taking them up the garden and ripping them open and drinking them."

Hereford Times: File photo dated 18/12/09 of milk bottles as cuts to the milk price paid to farmers will drive them out of the dairy business and increase prices for consumers in the long run, farming leaders warned..

Graham Hiles said: “I was a milkman for a while and they made the job a lot easier.

“Not only were they lighter than milk bottles, but you could also lob them at the front door from several feet away. I became a very good shot.”


Rob Rees said: “We lived at Barrie Roa and had our milk from Bartonsham Dairies.

“I remember those bags really well, it was alleged that they were unbreakable, you’d never believe how far a pint of milk goes on a lino floor.”