Hereford Times: Three Counties Farmer Farming Awards 2020

Pig Farmer of the Year

Recognising the innovation and commitment of pig producers is more important than ever in the current financial climate. The winner of this award will be a pig producer who can demonstrate real change in the business in recent years. The judges will be looking for imaginative approaches to developing the enterprise in terms of production standards, profitability and sustainability.

Each nominee should provide a 100 word (minimum) summary regarding their farm enterprise (e.g. farm size, flock/herd, other enterprises on the farm, any diversification, technology on the farm etc.) to give an overall flavour regarding the size and type of farm being discussed.

In addition each nomination should include a 100 word summary of the farm’s approach regarding each of the six criteria relating to that category. These are:-

  • Enterprise performance
  • Use of technology
  • Environmental considerations
  • Contribution to the community/agricultural industry
  • Vision/Marketing Strategy
  • Farm Safety

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