HEREFORD'S Josh Young has targeted the British GT Championship after making an impression in the Mighty Minis Series.

Young won the Novice Championship last year having had limited experience in cars.

"Mighty Minis is still a grassroots series and last year, having won the Novice Championship, I'm looking to try and get up the ladder and keep going," said Young.

"The aim is something like the British GT and, more immediately, we're looking to go into Super Minis.

"I've only had one year in any car racing and I hadn't even done karts before that.

"I went straight into cars at Oulton Park last year, which was quite a big shock, but we're doing well and we'll keep fighting.

"Last year, we went to Silverstone and going down on the straight there was just phenomenal.

"It was a legendary and historic circuit and was great to be there."

Young is sponsored by catering firm Aspens and recently showcased his Mini at Maylords Shopping Centre.