HEREFORD'S Combat Academy Karate Team had another successful outing, this time at the Welsh Contact Karate Association (WCKA) Championships.

The team of six representing the English Contact Karate Association (ECKA) were the only English fighters in attendance among the large Welsh contingency.

Simon Day won three tough matches in the men's novice light continuous division, earning a gold medal.

In that category, points are awarded for scoring punches and kicks, but are not totalled up until the end of a round, when a winner is decided.

Richard Quinn, fighting in the intermediate semi-contact division, defeated all his opponents to also take a gold medal, while Chelle Banes and Ryan Hill, fighting in the ladies intermediate and advanced cadet points categories respectively, both achieved bronze medals after convincing wins throughout the early rounds, despite sustaining injuries.

Kay Parker progressed through her first fight, but lost out in the places due to a very close match with Banes.

And Josh Small, fighting in the advanced under-13 continuous, had an excellent two-round final against the current WKU World Championship bronze medallist and, despite losing both rounds, put on a great display.

Anyone wishing to take part in karate and be part of the team can contact Simon Small on 07710 775416 or email