LOANEE defender Jack Bodenham says the Bulls can learn defensively off opponents Guiseley after suffering a 3-0 defeat.

The 19-year-old, from Cardiff City, was praised by manager Russell Slade for his debut performance.

“Obviously it wasn’t an ideal debut losing 3-0 but the only way is up from here now to try and get the side back up the league as high as possible,” said Bodenham.

“I didn’t find it too hard, but every game is a hard game in this league so we just have to keep trying to grind out performances both individually and collectively.

“We made probably three or four mistakes all game and got punished for pretty much every one of them.

“They didn’t make too many mistakes, but neither did we punish them. We need to work on both boxes really.

When talking about the defensive errors that led to the goals conceded at Guiseley, Bodenham added: “You try not to point the finger but we need to cut the individual errors out now.

“Then hopefully we can start turning these loses into wins. The gaffer said today that once or twice we were trying to mess about with it on the edge of the box while they were a lot more ruthless in their defending and just clearing the ball.

“We need to take a note or two out of their book and install that into our game.

When asked about what the players have been working on in training with Russell Slade, Bodenham added: “He has been talking about keeping the two banks of four a lot tighter.

“He said it did improve a little bit today, but he said we have still got a long way to go and hopefully that improves our performances.”

Bodenham spent last season on loan at Welsh Premier League Champions TNS, and says coming to Hereford will provide a tougher challenge.

He added: “There is a difference in physicality in both leagues and it’s definitely much higher in this league and more competitive.

“There are still a few decent teams in the Welsh Premier League but this is a lot more competitive and should be a good test.

“I found the Welsh Premier comfortable at times and tough a times. Playing for TNS they obviously dominated a lot of the games so it was ideal for me as I like to play as well, their style of play suited me down to the ground.

“Hopefully that has put me in good stead coming to Hereford. It’s a different style but that’s due to the league and a much tougher test in this league.

Talking about his arrival at Hereford, Bodenham added: “Russell was at Cardiff a couple of years ago and he contacted the club, added Bodenham.

“They needed a centre half and luckily I was there to come and hopefully do a good job.”