SO we are half-way through what is turning out to be another huge season.

With the old squad strengthened by some very strong new additions there is a good chance the second half of the season will go very well.

It’s a huge honour and privilege to be wearing the armband at this prestigious club, and something I will cherish forever.

But I don’t claim any credit for our successes so far.

This goes entirely to our exceptional gaffer and coaching staff, our extraordinary fans and our remarkable squad.

Right from the start of our first season, I knew Hereford FC had something very special.

But I wasn’t sure what it was until I got to know the lads.

The boys were all very accepting and I had never been part of a team before that had no show-offs or egotists.

And it is still exactly the same two-and-a half years later.

I had never experienced fans like the ones at Edgar Street.

There is no question our brilliant fans have been a huge contributor to our successes, both home and away.

They have been our twelfth man and given us that much needed lift on countless occasions.

Our single goal for this season is promotion.

That is and always has been our and the board’s focus.

The FA Cup was exciting and to have been the last non-league club remaining really showed how good this team actually is.

We are also going well in the Trophy and who knows what might happen there, but winning the league is our aim and objective.

I’ve got no doubt that with our current squad and Beads, we are more than good enough to play at the next level.

And personally, I don’t believe it will end there.

I guess its inevitable that the higher we go we will begin to lose some matches, but I believe that our supporters will stick with us through some potentially challenging times.

Although, I’m sure the ups will heavily outweigh the downs in the near future.

  • Jimmy Oates has also gazed into his crystal ball to predict what will happen during the sporting year of 2018

We asked him the following questions, with his answers provided.

1) Which team will finish second in the Premier League?


2) Which team will win the FIFA World Cup?

Australia of course.

3) Whiuch team will win the RBS Six Nations?


4) Who will win the men's singles title at Wimbledon?

Roger Federer.

5) Who will win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

Harry Kane.

6) How many league games will Hereford FC win in 2018?

At least 20.

7) What are your own hopes and aspirations for 2018?

To stay fit and injury free. To earn a third consecutive promotion with the club would be incredible.