HEREFORD FC kick off their new Southern League Premier Division season at Kings Langley on Saturday and the contrast could hardly be greater with this time three years ago when Hereford United were beginning their campaign at the same level.

Back then, a meagre 568 supporters turned out at Edgar Street to watch the beginning of the end for the old club.

Now, such is the enthusiasm for the new Bulls and all that has been achieved in the two short years since formation, that it's far from impossible that the travelling support to Hertfordshire on Saturday could exceed that number.

This is an extraordinary testimony to the efforts of Peter Beadle, his players and the rest of the staff at Edgar Street, both on the playing and administrative sides, in gaining two successive championships.

But while there is every hope that a title-challenge will again emerge this season, we're now approaching the time when a level of 'expectation management' is going to be necessary.

The higher the club climbs, the less likely it is that win will follow win as in the last two campaigns.

The club will meet stronger opposition whose game will often be raised by the excitement of playing in front of big Edgar Street crowds.

But for now let's wish everyone good luck and hope that the club's silverware collection can grow again this season.