FLYING African star Kingsford Adjei says he hopes Westfields can provide him with an opportunity to eventually play professional football.

The Ghanaian is in his second year at Hartpury College and was at the Right to Dream Academy at the same time as Sirdic Grant.

"He was one of the senior players and was there three years before me," said Adjei.

"He had a lot of experience from Hereford and also played for Westfields.

"He advised me a lot, like telling me how the game was like because it's not the same as the football we played at Right to Dream.

"It's more intense, so we have to be careful and know how to adapt and know the style of this league.

"Sean Edwards came to watch one of the games and said he wanted me to play in his team.

"I spoke to him and thought it would be a good option because it will give me more game time to prepare me for professional football.

"Because that is one of my aims and I know that I am capable.

"This like a stepping stone for me to push on from there."

Edwards has predominately used Adjei off the bench this season due to the pace he possesses.

"I'm quick and I want to use my pace to help the team and that is one of the things that Sean likes about me," said Adjei.

"So whenever I come on the field, I just want to drive forward because I'm quite a positive player.

"Once you know you're good at something, you've got to do it."