ENGLAND blind football coach Jon Pugh played his second game for Hinton last season.

Pugh signed on at the start of the season and says he is enjoying playing for the Broomy Hill side.

“I think they are excellent here and there are some really good young players and experienced ones, which is a good blend," said Pugh.

“I’m really enjoying it here and they are good lads.

“I would like to think my experience can help the team, but I have got good defenders in front of me and the team defends as a whole.

"I just try and do my job and that is all I can do."

“It’s always nice to keep a clean sheet , but I think the defenders were fantastic against Tenbury so i didn’t really have to do a lot.”

Pugh added he helps in the warm-up prior to games, but has not got involved with the coaching.

“I just do as I am told, but if they want me to help out, I am more than happy to," he said.