ATHLETES from across the county gathered at Hereford Racecourse for the Herefordshire Athletics Association Cross-Country Championships recently.

After snow interrupted the original event the re-arranged date saw male and female competitors from under-nine age category up to Veterans competing over a range of distances.

The under-11 age groups saw the close finishes from athletes of Burghill, Clifford and Lucton Primary Schools along with Hereford and County Athletics Club.

Margins of two and three seconds separated the younger runners over the shorter distances leading to some exciting racing.

Notably George Jones, of Lucton School, ran three minutes and 39 seconds over the 1,000 metres course while Hannah Wilson, also of Lucton School, completed the course in 3 minutes and 48 seconds.

Matthew Brunnock, of Hereford & County Athletics Club, put in an outstanding performance in the under-13 boys to complete 2,500 metres in eight minutes and 16 seconds to win by over 40 seconds.

The men's section saw Sam Mayglothlins, of Wye Valley, win the senior title in 41 minutes and 35 seconds over 11,000 metres.

The first Veteran man was his team-mate Christian Jones who was only 10 seconds slower than the senior winner.

The Senior women's race was won by Gemma Mallett, of Croft Ambrey RC, followed by her team-mates Irina Dale and Kelly Bowen. Clare Sims, of Wye Valley, was the Veteran's Ladies Champion.


Herefordshire AA Cross-Country Championships: Under-9 boys over 1,000 metres: 1. Barney Stevenson (Burghill PS) 3 mins 49 seconds; 2. Fred Taylor (Hereford & County AC) 3.54; 3. Harry Preece (Clifford PS) 3.57)

Under 10 boys over 1,000 metres: 1. Alfie Swindale (Clifford PS) 3.56; 2. Robby Nelson (Burghill PS) 3.58; 3. Oliver Pullen (Burghill PS) 4.02.

Under-11 boys over 1,000 metres: 1. George Jones (Lucton PS) 3.29; 2. Charlie Jones (St Pauls PS) 3.32; 3. William Rodway (Scudamore PS) 3.34.

Under-13 boys over 2,500 metres: 1. Matthew Brunnock (Hereford & County AC) 8.16; 2. William Wilson (Lucton School) 8.57; 3. Jack Neilsen (Weobley HS).

Under-17 boys over 3,500 metres: 1. Jordan Addis (Whitecross HS).

Under-20 men over 11,000 metres: 1. Ross Cameron (Hereford Couriers) 45.03; 2. Toby Dickens (Monross) 46.05; 3. Will Gore (Croft Ambrey) 53.28.

Senior men over 11,000 metres: 1. Sam Mayglothlins (Wye Valley) 41.25; 2. Gavin Jones (Monross) 41.42; 3. Peter Nugent (Wye Valley).

Under-nine girls over 1,000 metres: 1. Maya Stroud (Hereford & County AC) 4 minutes and 25 seconds; 2. Elanor Taylor (Hereford & County AC) 4.31; Isabella Williams (Hereford & County AC) 4.34.

Under-10 girls over 1,000 metres: 1. Hannah Wilson (Lucton PS) 3.48; 2. Esther Williams (Peterchurch PS) 4.12; 3. Ruby Calvert-Garner (Madley PS) 4.14.

Under-11 girls over 1,000 metres: 1. Anna Fish (Burghill PS) 3.51; 2. Lilly Roe (Lord Scudamore PS) 4.22; 3. Bea Samson (Clifford PS) 4.26.

Under-13 girls over 2,500 metres: 1. Eva Taylor (Hereford & County AC) 9.12; 2. Elizabeth Williams (Fairfield HS) 9.32; Leah Ellis (Hereford & County AC) 9.44.

Under-15 girls over 3,500 metres: 1. Georgina Pritchard (Wigmore HS) 14.38.

Under-17 women over 3,500 metres: 1. Bonnie Collins (Hereford & County AC) 14.43.

Senior women over 11,000 metres: 1. Gemma Mallett (Croft Ambrey) 49.09; 2. Irina Dale (Croft Ambrey) 50.07; 3. Kelly Bowen (Croft Ambrey) 50.58.

Veteran women over 11,000 metres: 1. Claire Sims (Wye Valley) 49.45; 2. Becki Ansfield (Wye Valley) 52.16; 3. Samantha Harper (Croft Ambrey) 55.29