HEREFORD boss Paul Caddis is targeting defensive additions to his side as they continue their pre-season preparations.

Defenders Kyle Howkins and Mark Derricott played against Westfields but Aaron Skinner remains injured after pulling his hamstring and is set to miss the start of the season.

Hereford had three trialists in for their friendly against Westfields, but Caddis highlighted a problem with trialists which is making it ‘difficult’ in his search.

"We will look," he added. "Trialists nowadays, they’ve got every right too, want to know what they will get paid before they come in.

"Sadly, I'm not in a position to start offering trialists deals that could possibly become available because we're not in that position as we are.

"We want try and get players in that are ours, first and foremost. We will have a look, it's a tough market it really is but we'll continue to look.

"We've got 15 signed. I still think we are four short, but whether we can get four in, we might only be able to get two in with what we've got available at the moment, maybe one at that.

"We're trying night and day, we’re trying to wheel and deal as we speak. I'm Scottish so we are a bit tight.

"We need more defensive players. I think top-end of the pitch we are very pleased, we've got wingers who are nice and athletic, and can get at people.

"We've got Babs who can play in there at number 10. We’ve got central midfielders, great options.

"At centre half we’ve got to try and get some reinforcements in there." 

Caddis says that he is looking to make additions but is considering playing a back three this season.

“It’s personnel and we’re looking at different things,” said Caddis following Hereford’s 2-0 win against Westfields.

“Being brutally honest it’s difficult to recruit the players we want to recruit in terms of finances.

“We’re trying to work as best as we can. It’s that’s a three then it might have to be for the majority of the season.

“If not and we can get wingers in or whatever then we might look at something else.”