HEREFORD boss Paul Caddis has revealed that the club has lost out on new signings due to club’s in a lower division offering more money.

With four weeks until their first pre-season match the Bulls are continuing their search for new players.

However, Caddis has been left frustrated by players choosing more money being offered by other clubs.

“We have had five players in the last 14 days that we think we’ve been close to, only for the last minute decision by the player(s) or the agent to be swayed by a greater financial offer at our level and, in three cases, a lower level to National League North,” said Caddis to the club’s website.

“I will never criticise a man for doing the best for his family. Is it frustrating? Absolutely it is, however that’s the reality.

“We can’t offer full-time football or accommodation to players or full-time wages on a part time budget.

“I know what I can offer and I know what you can offer and we won’t be making the same mistakes previously at this football club across the years and be held to ransom by players or agents.

“We are Hereford FC and we are bigger than any player or agent. I have a group of players signed already who have showed an unbelievable duty of care and loyalty to you and I won’t disrupt that group with players who are not willing to give the same level of care and loyalty to their team-mates.”

Hereford have now sold over 1,100 season tickets, have 175 fans join their new membership scheme and £30,000 donated by supports in their Squad Builder.

Hereford chairman Chris Ammonds added: “As a board, we never stop looking at ways we can increase the club’s income and our fantastic staff continue to go above and beyond their day-to-day duties on behalf of us supporters.

“We are a club that has to live within its means and we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past by spending money that we do not have, or spending money rashly before we actually have it.

“Some clubs may be willing to take chances with their finances in the hope of getting away with it in the short-term, but that is not something I am willing to do at a club that is so precious to everyone.

“We also do not have an individual benefactor who is willing to cover significant losses season after season.

“There are clubs at our level – and below – who do have individuals happy to do that and they will often be able to offer more money to players than we can.

“That is a fact of life, one that Paul alluded to in his recent update, but it is one I’m at ease with. It’s frustrating don’t get me wrong, but if another club can offer a player £100 or £200 more a week than we are comfortable with budget wise because they have private backing, so be it.”