HEREFORD boss Paul Caddis is preparing to sit down with his current squad and offer them deals for next season.

After a successful first season in charge Caddis has warned that some players will end up leaving this summer and get paid more elsewhere.

“We’ll sit down with the players on Thursday, we’ll give them Tuesday off now that the season has finished,” said Caddis after Saturday’s defeat to Boston.

“It will give myself and Adam (Rooney) time to look at where we are going to be next year. We’ve got an idea.

“Weirdly decisions won’t particularly be made on the type of player or ability, it will probably come down to finances.

“Players will want more money, we can’t offer that at the moment. This group we’ve got at the moment, we’ve got maybe six or seven who are on short-term loans or stuff like that.

“We’ve bought players in not from the off. We’ve got to get as many as we possibly can. There will be offers made and it will be natural that people want more money or move on.

“People might get offered more money from other clubs and we’re ready for that. We’re ready to lose a couple of big players. There will be fans favourites who move on and that won’t be down to anything other than finances.

“We won’t be letting people go we know have got a relationship with the supporters and can do well for us. The majority of the players we’d love to keep, unfortunately we’re in a market where we can’t quite get there yet.

Despite Hereford’s season being over Caddis is ready to scout the league below to see if he can find any gems to boost his squad.

“I’ll probably still be non-stop for the next three to five weeks,” he added.

“Myself and Adam (Rooney) will probably get around to games at step three. I think there’s another week left of step three.

“That’s where we’ll probably recruit from because that’s where we’re at as a football club.  Don’t get disheartened by that, we’ve done really well with the recruitment that we’ve managed to bring in. You’re defined as a manager on your recruitment.”