HEREFORD face being without striker Jason Cowley for three matches after he was sent off for an off-the-ball incident against Scarborough Athletic.

The Bulls were a goal down in the 3-0 defeat when Cowley faced up to Bailey Gooda before the home player ended up on the floor.

“We’ve seen an altercation, two of them have push have pushed Cowley,” said Hereford manager Paul Caddis speaking to Keith Hall.

"I'm not going to sit here and stick up for Cowley and I'm not going to slaughter him because I didn't see it that much.

"However, when the referee came over, he told me he sent him off for a headbutt. There wasn't a headbutt, I know that much.

"Then 30 seconds later there was another break in play so we ask the referee and he says ‘it'll be in the report’.

"I'm going speak to him once I'm allowed to do so, but to go from a headbutt to ‘it'll be in the report’, it’s disappointing.

"Cowley shouldn't put himself in that situation, that's something that we'll speak to him with, but we’re disappointed with that."

Cowley is due to be available for Saturday’s FA Trophy tie against Torquay before missing the next three matches.

Alex Babos came off injured against Scarborough with a hamstring strain and Paul Downing with a tight hamstring on a nightmare day for Hereford.

“We were really pleased when we got everybody back fit and worked really hard to get players back on the pitch,” added Caddis.

“We leave today with 10 men, two players injured and one sent off. It’s been an horrendous day for us to be honest.

“We look forward to next week. We’ll have to re-group and look to get some bodies in to help the players that we’ve currently got.”