MARKSMAN Andy Williams scored his first of what he hopes will be many more to come in a Hereford shirt as they beat Hereford Pegasus 4-1 in their opening pre-season friendly.

The striker who arrived back at Edgar Street this summer after a successful career playing in the Football League took just 17 minutes to score the opener.

“It was nice to put everything together for 45 minutes,” said Williams who played for Hereford United as a youngster.

“It’s always nice to get onto the score sheet, it probably wasn’t the greatest strike ever. Hopefully one of many more to come.”

Williams stamped his mark on the game and scored his second on 25 minutes when Jason Cowley’s penalty was saved into his path.

“It told (Jason) Cowley that he wouldn’t normally be having the penalties but I wanted him to get off the mark as well,” added Williams.

“He’s cemented himself for not having the penalty next time. Thankfully it came straight to me and I managed to put it in.

“I was on the penalties all last season, but only managed to have one. I think Stanley (Anaebonam) fancies them as well, we’ll worry about the argument when it comes.”

Williams expects a different challenge this Saturday at Edgar Street with the visit of West Bromwich Albion under-21s.

“I think we’ll probably go into that off a hard-working week off the back of it,” added Williams.

“I’m sure that will be a different test for us, probably a bit less with the ball and a lot of hard work needed. Hopefully we can show.”