HEREFORD boss Paul Caddis says that he is going through potential signings ‘with a‘fine-tooth comb’ as he selects a squad for next season.

Aaron Amadi-Holloway is the only Bulls player contracted for next season while Caddis is in talks with six more players from last season’s squad.

With Caddis looking to sign 16 permanent players for next season he is looking for at least 10 new players for next season.

“I’ve got thousands upon thousands of names that I’m just trying to filter through them and find the best ones for me,” said the new Hereford boss.

“I’m going through with a fine toothcomb every single player. I always try and find out about their character and if I don’t know them as a person, I guarantee that I know somebody who does. I want good people at the club, people who are willing to stick in for their team-mates.”

Hereford trained two mornings a week in Birmingham under former boss Josh Gowling. While Caddis’ side will remain in the city his side will instead train two evenings a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“The reason for that is to simply, open up that recruitment bracket,” added Caddis. “I would find it tougher to recruit part-time players to train on a Monday and Thursday mornings. We would then have to try and work around their day job. I just think that’s easer and we’ll be in Birmingham.”

Despite the Hereford players being part-time Caddis says they will be working hard in training to close the gap to the full-time teams in the division.

“To compete against full-time teams we need to be as fit as them,” he added. “So we need to make up the two days that we’re missing out on. Training sessions will be intense.

“I’ve told every player that I’m recruiting that will be the norm. It’s not just going to be running for 90 minutes, but training will be of a high standard where it will be sharp.”

Caddis played 159 games for Birmingham City during his career and says he will be tapping into his Midlands contacts when recruiting this summer.

“I’ve got a lot of contacts across the country, the ones I will probably particularly tap into are the Midlands ones,” added Caddis. “We are based in Birmingham for location wise. I was at Birmingham for a long time, but I know people at Villa, West Brom and Coventry.

“I will recruit a team of 16 players who will be Hereford, our players. I will dip into the loan market, but only for the right players and not just to make the numbers up.

“For no other reason than knowing that they will make us better.”