HEREFORD FC hope to ‘quickly’ select the right person for the manager’s job after being pleased with the quality of applications.

The Bulls were expected to make a shortlist this week of applicants to be interviewed and will be advised by club legend Graham Turner through the process.

The club’s general manager Jamie Griffiths said: “It has been pleasing to see the quality of a number of the applicants and we are hopeful that once the interview process starts we will be able to quickly select the right person for the job.”

Hereford’s new chairman Chris Ammonds says that this is a ‘massive decision’ for the club but concedes that there are ‘no guarantees’ when selecting a new boss.

“You can look like you’ve got the best qualified manager in the world, but you never know what is going to happen,” said Ammonds.

“There is always an element of luck that you need. But we’re going to try and find the best applicant and then offer that individual all the support we can.”

Ammonds says he doesn’t have ‘any set ideas’ on the sort of manager Hereford need at this time.

He added: “Sometimes I look at it and think we need experience then other times I look at it and think do we need experience? I was thinking about the managers who have brought teams here this season.

“Chester have got a 28-year-old former youth team manager and I thought they played some great stuff here and have had a really good season.”

On the pitch Hereford head to Leamington on Friday before hosting Brackley Town on Monday.