WESTFIELDS manager Phil Glover was delighted to see his side ‘put on a show’ for the fans with a 2-0 win over city rivals Hereford Pegasus.

Second half goals from Josh Hunt and Joe Davies sealed the derby victory for Westfields over their city rivals in front of 238 fans.

“A local derby like that you’ve got to enjoy it,” said Glover.

“Pegasus winning the play-offs last year, everybody has been telling me all summer they are going to do this and that.

“It’s good to put a show on for the fans and get a win.It was a really good performance from us but wasteful, I thought the score-line flattered Pegasus and being honest they would say the same.

“We always thought if we got our nose in front and scored first then we would win the game. We felt comfortably in what we were doing but needed to be a bit tidier and we did that in the second half in abundance.”

Hereford legend Ryan Green made his return from injury to help guide Westfields to the win alongside goal scorer Davies and Paul Hurrell.

“The back three certainly in the second half were outstanding,” added Glover.

“For Green that’s his first 90 minutes since he did his injury 18 months ago. For him to come in and play the way he did is outstanding, he’s a quality player and quality bloke.

“We were happy with a point at Malvern away from home against a quality side you look back on that as a good point and then two home wins. We’re happy with the start we’ve made but a long way to go.”