Hereford Taekwondo club members came away with a host of medals from a recent competition against competitors from across the region.

The taekwondo fighters recently headed to the Wildcat arena in Nottingham, in 30 degree Celsius 0 temperatures.

Just under 500 competitors gave it everything to come out on top in their categories.

This was a new competition for the Hereford club and it did not disappoint, there were new events to make it exciting and enjoyable for the junior members and they all came away happy, with great memories and a fist full of experience.

The club came away with 21 medals from 11 competitors. Meanwhile, Adam Janczewski entered the open men’s division and the executives. He ended the day with seven fights and having to perform his pattern on five occasions in the searing heat.

Meanwhile, Sverre Nilsen and Daniel Evans both came away with bronze medals during their first competition.

Oskaris Rackauskas came away with a gold medal in sparring. James Goodfellow also won in patterns along with a silver in leg power and bronze in sparring.

Maddy Dytor won silver medals in both sparring and patterns and gold in tag team sparring.

Adam Janczewski was silver medallist in hand power as well as bronze medallist in both black belt heavy sparring and men’s black executive all dan sparring. 

Coming away with four medals Patryk Janczewski won silvers in the fly side kick and pattern events, along with bronze medals in sparring and hand power.

Meanwhile, Daniel Janczewski was a silver medallist in sparring. Nikola Janczewska won a silver medal in tag team sparring and bronze in sparring.

Finally, Sverre Nilsen and Daniel Evans won bronze medals in sparring.

If anyone is interested in taking up Hereford Taekwondo contact Master Dave Sheppard 8th Dan on 07966 429392.