HEREFORD Stampede American football team completed a league double over Swindon Storm.

This is was the third meeting between the two teams this season and was coming off the back of a Stampede 54-0 washout in Herefordshire weeks earlier.

Stampede resumed where they left off in the previous meeting between the two teams, with a run from Steve Hall making his way into the end zone and kicking off the score to make it 6-0.

With the ball back in the Storm’s possession, they were met heavily by the Stampede’s run defence which lead to a punt.

Storm looked for a response but their offensive drive came to nothing resulting in a punt only to land in the hands of danger man JJ Spencer who reversed his run and made a 60 yard punt return for a touchdown.

Stampede then went for two extra points which was converted by RB Blaine Smith to make it 14-0.

Storm’s offence were met by defensive stability and the visitors got the changeover of possession and an aggressive running attack after a long pass downfield to TE Dave Seymour which gave Stampede strong field position.

This was converted after a pitch to RB Pete Smith made his way to the end zone increasing the score by six points to 20-0.

Stampede continued their onslaught and a swing pass found Pete Smith who danced his way through the Storm defence.

The scoreline increased for the Stampede after a pitch to RB Blaine Smith who tip toed his way down the sideline all the way to the end zone.

This was then converted for two extra points through a pass to Spencer ending the half with the away team with full control 28-0 ahead.

Storm began the second half well and a long pass down the sideline was stopped by a score saving tackle by Jake Cassidy.

With Storm looking to make their way up the field they looked to the passing game but were intercepted by Dan Harris who brought it all the way to the end zone for six and made Stampede history with their first ever competitive league pick six, increasing the scoreline to 34-0.

After breaking runs by Smith the ball was pushed into the end zone for the final time with a run by Steve Hall to complete the win 40-0.

The game then came to a close and gave the Stampede another convincing win over league veterans the Swindon Storm.

Stampede are now 4-2 in the BAFA 2022 season and look forward to a home game against local rivals Worcestershire Black Knights at Ledbury Rugby Club on Sunday, July 17, with a 2pm kick-off.