HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling is discussing with the club what the next step looks like?

The Bulls have narrowly missed out on the National League North play-offs this season in their highest ever finish as Hereford FC.


“The club has a structure and the way it wants to do it," said Gowling.

“I know what it takes to be successful at this level. I know the kind of money that it takes for us to go where we need to go but if the club hasn’t got it then it hasn’t got it.

“I think it’s clear now where we’re at as a football club. From the outside it’s a big football club with the fanbase but it’s not financially.

“We need to get some realism about it. Jon (Hale, chairman) spoke about the squad next season will depend on the donations that we get and that’s the structure of the football club.

“As a football club we need to decide what we want and what route we are going down. Firstly the club needs to be sustainable that’s the big thing, but what does that look like?

“If you look around football and what other clubs are doing it’s interesting to see. What’s the next level now and what’s the next step?

“I’ll have those conversations with the club to determine what that is and we can all move forward as one."