HEREFORD FC have signed teenage Aston Villa defender Seb Revan on loan.

The 18-year-old left-back was previously on loan at Grimsby Town but recalled by Aston Villa.

The FA Youth Cup winner also scored twice for Grimsby in their FA Cup tie against Bromsgrove Sporting.

Gowling said that Aston Villa had done the Bulls a favour by loaning them the defender.


"Fortunately I know the head of recruitment at Aston Villa," said Gowling.

"He has done me a massive favour. Obviously Villa have got the funds that they have got.

"We're lucky that we've got friends who have enabled us to bring players in.

"He's a left-back who likes to get forward and has got a good delivery and part of their youth set-up.

"We had Callum Rowe in last year from them and we did a similar deal with them.

"They're good that they want to get players out to play games and it's not really about finances but the opportunity to play football.

"We've got a good relationship with Aston Villa and it helps where we train in Birmingham because it enables us to get players from Birmingham."

Gowling hopes that the Bulls will also bring in a centre-back before Saturday's home game against Gateshead.

"We'll probably get a centre-half in as at the moment we've got one fit centre-half," added Gowling.

"Ben (Pollock) has not been very well and has not been very well and didn't train today (Thursday).

"We've spoken to a few clubs but again it's down to finances."

Gowling added that both Yan Klukowski and George Forsyth can both play centre half.