HEREFORD manager Josh Gowling said today was the last day for trialists to impress him before he makes a verdict on his squad ahead of the new season.

With two weeks and two pre-season friendlies remaining before the season commences the 1-1 draw at Newcastle Town was the last chance to impress.

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“We’re pretty much done now I think,” said Gowling.

“We’ve got two games left of pre-season so we want a settled squad now going in to the last couple of weeks before the season starts

“Today will be pretty much the last day. We need to go towards 90-minute games now for the lads getting the minutes in.”

In his search for a centre-half Gowling says he is speaking to two players and hoped that “something could get done” over the next week.

Gowling played a new trialist centre-half during the first half at Newcastle and said the lad ‘found it tough at times’.

“We had a trialist there and in the 10, we need to look at them to see if they are good enough to cut it at our level,” said Gowling.

“I think he found it a bit tough today at times. We brought him off at half-time and brought somebody else on.

“Again it’s an area we need somebody in. We need that leader at the back and someone who organises and talks.

“When you have goals like that conceded if you have an experience centre-half there they talk, organise and shepherd the midfield a bit better.

“We are still looking for it and hopefully we will get it pretty soon.”