HEREFORD missed out on the chance to win silverware as they were beaten 3-1 at Wembley by lower-graded Hornchurch.

The Bulls took the lead early on through a well-worked corner, with Tom Owen-Evans firing home.

But despite going on to control the first half, Hornchurch came out with a vengeance in the second half to claim the FA Trophy.

Two goals in the closing 15 minutes of the game, one each for Liam Nash and Ellis Brown, meant 3,000 Hereford fans left the national stadium disappointed.

Here are four points to take away from the game.

The Bulls star man

Despite conceding three goals in the second half, it could have been much worse was it not for Hodgkiss's clearance off the line.

He struggled in the transitions, but that was to be expected.

It was the responsibility of Hereford's midfield to be stronger in possession in order to shield him.

Magic moment

The short corner routine that bought about Hereford's opener was superbly worked.

Even Josh Gowling looked surprised when it came off.

The big moan

Hereford's inability to clear their lines saw them concede the equalising goal, and ultimately the momentum swung in Hornchurch's favour from there on out.

Did they get it right?

In the first-half Hereford struggled to create enough openings but were helped by Hornchurch's lack of incisiveness.

In the second-half, this complacency told as Hornchurch grew into the game and ultimately found the goals they needed. Tactically there was little direction beyond hitting the wings and hoping that either Finn or Bakare would open up some space.

Match rating: 4/10

Player ratings

Brandon Hall – 7, quick off his line. He was a matter of inches away from clearing Ruff's equaliser to safety.

Jared Hodgkiss – 7, made a sensational goal-line clearance just moments before Hornchurch's equaliser. He imposed himself well in the first-half but struggled when Hereford had to chase the game.

Luke Haines – 6, he struggled in the transitions as Hereford began to commit more men forward.

Jamie Grimes – 7, Strong in the air Grimes like the rest of his defensive colleagues, struggled tracking runners in behind.

Chris Camwell – 6, He was the architect of Hereford's opener. Playing a well-worked one-two before laying the ball off for Owen-Evans to score

Joey Butlin – 6, had very little impact on the game, as Hereford struggled to make the most of their possession. Could count himself unlucky not to have been given a penalty for a shove in the first-half, after he had narrowly headed wide.

Tom Owen-Evans – 7, scored the opener with a well-taken finish from inside the area. But whilst he found space in between the lines, he rarely made the most of the opportunities afforded to him.

Kyle Finn – 6, caused panic in the Hornchurch backline with some excellent crosses to the back post, but he rarely offered a goal threat of his own.

Ryan Lloyd – 6, another anonymous display. The game seemed to pass him by, although he was unlucky not to reach Ruff's equaliser.

Michael Bakare – 6, the only player who looked to get beyond his man and make something happen. His final ball left a lot to be desired though.

Lewis Butroid – 6, left too much space in behind, especially considering he offered very little in possession.


James Mcquilkin – 6, came on with Hereford leading and just a minute later saw Hornchurch equalize. Now whilst not all his fault, it was symptomatic of the impact he had off the bench.

Yan Klukowski – 6, saw very little of the ball, but in his defence the game was already slipping from Hereford’s grasp at the time of his arrival.

 Maziar Kouhyar – 6, again made little to no impact, with Hereford ruing the lack of experienced offensive options on their bench.