THE Hellenic League has stated that they wish to see the season completed.

Football below step two of non-league is currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A survey is currently asking clubs how the season should be concluded.

The Hellenic League includes Westfields, Hereford Lads Club, Hereford Pegasus, Wellington and Kington.

A statement released by the league says: "One of the primary objectives of the Hellenic League Executive is to see the proposed restructuring take place and with this in mind, support the position already expressed by many of our clubs.

"That is a desire to play the season to completion by following a summer break and restart in August/September.

"This plan takes advantage of all of the effort made by our clubs and volunteers in playing our games to date in a Covid safe environment, and will offer the best chance of achieving a complete league table. "This in turn makes The FA restructuring at steps five and six possible.

"Our Premier Division clubs then will finally see the end of the 200+ miles travel every other Saturday/Bank Holiday.

"If we were simply to start again afresh in August we could be in this same position again next year, with no re-structuring to smaller footprint, with the escalating cost of travel, and struggles for player commitment.

"All in the background of reducing sponsorship."