HEREFORD FC Academy graduate Toby Raison signed for the first team after impressing during pre-season.

Raison started training with the first-team squad at the end of last season and has featured heavily over the past few weeks captioning the side on occasions.

Bulls manager Josh Gowling has been impressed with youngster

“I’ve spoken about Toby a lot and I feel the player he is now to what he was pre-lockdown is chalk and cheese," he said.

“He has gone away, worked hard, studied, he’s always asking questions especially to the older professionals and he’s a different player.

“I’m really impressed with his attitude.

"Young lads now a days don’t always necessarily have the best attitudes, obviously some do of course.

“Toby is definitely an exception. "He’s knocking on my door constantly asking when he could come in for pre-season and he’s been brilliant.

“He just wants to play football and he’s a real credit to the football club. He’s got a great attitude and always willing to learn

“It’s great to have someone like that around.

He’s always looking to improve; he’s done extra work with the senior players and is always listening to the advice he’s given.”

Speaking to the club's website shortly after signing, Raison added: “I’m absolutely buzzing to get this over the line, I’m a local boy, I was with the under-18s last year and with the Academy when I was younger so I know the club well. "It was a massive honour to captain the club, I’m only just starting out, but it’s definitely something that is a proud achievement for me.

“I believe in hard work, if you put in everything you can then you can’t have any regrets, and that’s my attitude.

"I like to think I’ve worked hard over the years to earn this opportunity, and I’m going to keep working hard to make the most of it as well."