THE CONNECTION with manager Josh Gowling was a key factor in Tom Owen-Evans signing for Hereford FC.

Owen-Evans made 29 appearances for the Bulls last season scoring six goals. His last goal came in the 2-1 win at Farsley Celtic in March.

However, he was loaned out to Chippenham Town by the manager at the time Russell Slade.

After scoring twice in six appearances on loan he was immediately recalled by Gowling on his appointment as interim manager.

"Gowling getting the manager's job was a big part in me staying and I couldn't wait to be back," said Owen-Evans.

"I played with Gowling so as a team-mate but I was out of the fold when Russell Slade was here.

"When Gowling gave me a phone call and said the first thing he wanted to do was to bring me back I was buzzing.

"I still think towards the end of last season I had more to find, but I was definitely getting back to finding my groove again and getting back to where I was the season before last.

"He (Gowling) has seen what I can do, has faith in my ability and I trust him as a manager and as I person.

"We have a really good connection and I'm looking forward to the season starting."

Owen-Evans said that the side were 'getting into their stride' when the season was curtailed in March with two wins in four matches prior to it's ending.

"It was probably the worst time for the season to end for us," he added.

During lockdown Owen-Evans said the side had a programme to stick to from the start before having time off to 'recharge their bodies'.

"I've started training again and I'm going to a pre-season camp now to get myself back into the swing of things," Owen-Evans added.

The former Newport County youngster was signed from the Bulls from Falkirk.

The said that changing to morning training sessions will be 'perfect' for him.

"I've always been in full-time football until I came here," he added.

"I'd never really got into training at night and didn't like it. It's quite hard for your body to adjust after always being in full-time football.

"For me it was a massive plus and a big reason why I've signed again this year."

Owen-Evans will be one of the few remaining faces from the 2018/19 season.

Despite having offers from other clubs he says the size of Hereford and having Gowling as manager attracted him to sign for another season.

"The club is massive and shouldn't be in the league it's in at the moment," added Owen-Evans.

"I think with Gowling as a manager there's massive potential to go one step further into the Conference and one step further into the football league.

"That's something I want to be part of and that I'm excited for."

Owen-Evans is the third member of last season's squad to be retained, with Lenell John-Lewis and captain Jared Hodgkiss already committing.