RYAN Green is amongst a host of players who have re-signed for Westfields for the forthcoming season.

The 39-year-old who played nearly 400 matches for Hereford impressed during his first season at Allpay Park last year.

Green has signed for his second season as Westfields look to win the Hellenic Premier title, they were denied last season.

"Since he has came in Ryan has been the ultimate professional," said Westfields manager Phil Glover.

"The first time he came in the lads sat up and took notice. Everybody saw that we were serious about this and giving it a right good go.

"On and off the pitch he has been really professional. It would have been easy for me as a young manager to get players in I knew I could control.

"That's not in my character I want to go for it."

Westfields have also announced the news that they have retained skipper Sam Gwynne along with Sam Rawlings, Ben Miller, Keanu Cooper, Kane Kahaki, Oliver Butler, Matt Reeve, Aidan Thomas, Daniel Stoneman, Emmanuel Bam, Tyreece Brisco, King Baidoo and Billy Murphy.

Goalkeepers Stephen Sarkodie and Ian Havard have also signed for the coming season.

"It's not just Ryan at the back but the guys around him have been excellent," added Glover.

"Sam Gwynne is our captain and has been really excellent along with Kane Kahaki and Sam Rawlings who have put in some excellent performances.

"Everybody is helping us to get better."