A NEWLY formed boxing club is planning on expanding following a successful first season.

Despite being in its infancy Bromyard Amateur Boxing Club fighters have excelled in the ring.

All of the boxers at the club have been training hard since the start of the boxing season and three boxers at the club recently have had bouts.

First out of the stable for the second time this season was 11-year-old Aleks Striunga who travelled up to Stoke-on-Trent for a skills bout.

Striunga dominated for all three rounds and proved that he is no longer just a novice in the ring showing some good boxing ability.

A couple of weeks later Tyler Reeks and Sam Muirehead attended a dinner show in Leominster.

Reeks, from Ledbury, was participating in his final skills bout and impressed the crowd.

Over the past few months Reeks had been working a lot on his overall fitness and technical skill resulting in him now being ready for his amateur debut.

Muirhead was in his second amateur bout for the club and won with some serious style showing his excellent level of fitness, stamina and technical skill.

Winning by unanimous decision.

However, you don't need to be a boxer to get fit and the club is open for everyone

Bromyard ABC is situated on the Linton Industrial Estate.

The club has decided that more space is needed so they have expanded into an adjoining unit where they will have a new fitness section.

For more information you can contact the club on Facebook.