HEREFORD FC chairman Andrew Graham has urged all factions of the club to band together during this tough time and speaks of his frustration of the politics that have previously 'burdened' the Bulls.

Graham was elected onto the Bulls board as a Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) nominated director two years ago.

He was than appointed as Hereford FC chairman in June replacing outgoing Ken Kinnersley.

The Bulls board consists of three HUST nominated directors and four appointed by the initial directors.

With Hereford preparing to announce 'significant losses' this season, Graham says now is the time for any politics to be put aside and everyone to work together.

"I have no time for politics and certainly no time for divisiveness," said Graham.

"We are a great club; we have no room for any entity thinking that they are bigger than any other and I am sure that no one wishes to carry that candle into the history books.

"The message must be, that we will work as one, where every fan is as important as another, where every voice is listened to and where the needs of the club drives the agenda and nothing else.

"The beauty of this club is that every fan is deserving of a voice.

"I will represent every fan equally and justify this for the right reasons.

"If that isn’t what is needed, I will return to my place on the Meadow End.

"Getting to understand the politics that burden Hereford FC (as in every organisation) has been an eye-opening and myth-busting experience.

"My belief is not that any group of individuals will be the reason for the success of this fantastic club, but more the ability of passionate individuals, pulling together, for the right reasons, in a cooperative manner.

"Regardless of whether someone is an employee, volunteer, major shareholder, minor shareholder, service-provider, supporter or sponsor, we must ensure that there is a common purpose."

Graham added that as chairman it has been his aim to put politics aside and put the needs of the club and fans first.

He added: "When I undertook the role of nominated director, I was clear with both the Hereford board and to the HUST board that I would always put the club and Hereford fans first and if this means ‘rocking the proverbial boat’ then get your lifejackets on.

"When I was given the honour of becoming chairman I knew that the role would be challenging, and that there would be some considered management of politics required.

"The objective of the chair is to drive the strategy forward and not to favour any shareholder or group of shareholders in particular.

"Being a HUST nominated director and chairman feels like I am the flag on a rope in a tug of war.

"Only I was expecting to have been pulled in both directions from day one and have only felt pull from one side.

"I see no reason for it and it certainly isn’t warranted. During what has been a disappointing time on and off the pitch I cannot allow myself to ‘tow a party line.’

"I will do what is right for this club and what is right for each fan, irrespective of how many shares they may, or may not hold."

Graham added that everybody should be working towards one purpose – that is to become a ‘Sustainable Fan-Owned Football League Club’ and to do this everybody should accept it is already '100 per cent fan-owned'.

Graham added that there is no doubt that the board of directors of HUST are a 'passionate and focussed collective'.

He adds that the same is true about the initial shareholders, directors, volunteers, employees and all other supporters of this club.

"It is also a fact that without the initial investment, effectively donated to the club, from the five benefactors, we would be watching even less football related activity at Edgar Street than we are now," added Graham.

"My experience working with both groups is that they are as passionate and loyal to this great club as each other and as any one of us."

HUST are working towards owning a 50 per cent shareholding in the club by fundraising and using the money to buy additional shares while donating the money to Hereford FC.

To date they have donated £220,000 which is 43 per cent of the share capital.

"It is with this in mind that I air my frustrations at misinterpretation, misinformation and a somewhat cynical belief among some factions that there is a hidden agenda, an ulterior motive, that without HUST having a 50 per cent shareholding, and an equal number of directors on the Hereford board, some ill-fate will potentially befall Hereford FC, added Graham

"I am aware that my reluctance to accommodate some agendas has not been favourably received by those affected.

"I have been reminded all too often of the potential for HUST to remove me from my position and I believe that there are moves to remove me now, but, despite this will continue to promote what is best for Hereford FC.

"Significant support has been forthcoming from initial shareholders and they have frequently picked the phone up and thrown an ad hoc call in to see how things are.

"This gives me absolute confidence that, regardless of the level of HUST shareholding, Hereford FC will always be 100 per cent fan owned."

Most of HUST's income comes from their 50/50 matchday draw along with other fundraising draws.

However, Hereford FC plan to run the draw themselves next season and have asked HUST to consider alternative fundraising initiatives.

Graham added: "I have recently become aware that misinformation is circulating among some HUST members regarding the decision not to renew the HUST 50/50 operation, and voting activity surrounding that decision.

"So, let’s have some clarity here. The Hereford board, met, agreed to extend yet again, the HUST opportunity to reach 50 per cent.

"However, as this is now in the public domain, I can confirm that I had the casting vote, to determine whether HUST retained the 50/50 matchday draw rights when the current agreement ends.

"For extra clarity, there is no ‘removal’ of rights, it naturally ends on May 31, 2020.

"It was my belief and ours collectively as a board that, with the club facing unprecedented financial pressures and likely to post a significant loss, that whilst we would allow HUST another year to try to reach the 50 per cent shareholding desired, we would like them to explore alternative methods of raising funds, allowing HFC to operate the 50/50 (through a community charitable status) thus retaining the surplus (50 per cent) whilst additionally receiving income from HUST fundraising efforts, via share purchases.

"It was our belief that we thereby maximised potential fundraising from two streams instead of one.

"I have been asked by HUST to explain this, have attempted to do so, and do not believe my communication has been accurately disseminated or has perhaps been misinterpreted along the way.

"I would welcome a situation where the focus isn’t on a 50 per cent shareholding, but on continued fundraising efforts where 50 per cent shareholding happens to be a welcome achievement not a target.

"Above all, in these challenging times, stay safe and healthy. My thoughts are with all of you who have lost loved ones through this terrible virus and I hope that anyone suffering, recovers quickly and fully.

"I look forward to seeing many people returning to Edgar Street as soon as it is safe for us to do so."