HEREFORD FC chairman Andrew Graham said that the club will announce 'significant losses' this season and they are working hard to ensure that similar issues do not materialise again.

The Bulls increased their playing budget this season with the ambition of chasing a play-off goal with a host of players put on contracts.

However, a change of management and poor league form saw attendances drop. Flooding also saw a Saturday match postponed before the coronavirus has put the league season on hold.

In a statement on the club's website Hereford FC chairman Andrew Graham said: "This has been a horrible season financially and at the present moment in time it is difficult to know the exact impact this season will have financially when we don’t know how or when the season will be determined.

"Plans for next season were in advanced stages before the coronavirus pandemic took hold, but those plans will undoubtedly need to be reviewed and amended depending on how this season ends and what shape next season looks like taking.

"The board will continue to plan a course of action for the club’s future and we are certain everyone will continue to come together and play their part with efforts to make sure the club comes out stronger after this period.

"However, having been born from the ashes of Hereford United, we are all too aware of the problems that financial issues can cause for the longevity of clubs like ours and we are all working hard to ensure as much as we can that similar issues do not materialise again.”

The club awaits news on the outcome of this season from the National League and with no match income they still have to pay wages and other bills.

Graham added that the club's board were doing everything they could to minimise the impact of what is clearly an 'unsustainable situation'.

Graham added: “Any priority has to be the health and well-being of all our employees, including football management and players, our fans and sponsors as well as our suppliers and contractors.

“We have already placed some members of staff on the government’s job retention scheme, with the likelihood that other staff members may have to follow in the near future.

“We are very conscious of the anxiety that the staff will be feeling as well as everyone else connected with the club. I am personally speaking with a number of people including fans, staff and volunteers, as are other directors and our great club will continue to provide virtual services and interactions as much as we can.”

Hereford FC continue to fundraise online with their 'virtual ticket' scheme while Hereford United Supporters' Trust also have a host of fundraising initiatives in place with all funds raised given to the club as part of share purchase.