HEREFORD interim manager Josh Gowling is reaching out to fans with an offer of support if they need someone to chat to while self-isolating.

The 36-year-old who has a degree is psychology has told fans that they can reach out to him on social media if they need his support.

"I have spoken to a few fans over the last couple of days who felt anxious or low," said Gowling.

"While self-isolating you can't do anything and as a community football club we are there to support all of the fans.

"I put the message out there if people are feeling low to reach out to me to engage."

The Bulls players have also been helping to keep fans entertained by creating a video of them completing a #StayatHomeChallenge.

The videos consist of players and the management team completing kick ups and tricks with rolls of toilet paper.

Gowling says the videos have been a good way of boosting morale while also engaging with fans.

He added: "We're more than just a football club, we are a community.

"While the players are off the fans deserve to see players doing different things, this is an entertainment business.

"We also want to create an environment where people want to come and enjoy being around the team."

Meanwhile Gowling is in contact with the players during their self-isolation and has set them fitness programmes.

With just seven matches of the league season remaining the Bulls are unsure when their next match will be played but wants his team to be ready.

The National League has suspended the season until at least April 3, but Gowling can see that being extended to draw in line with the English Football League, which will not resume until at least April 30.

"I've spoken to all the players on our group chat and rang each player individually," added Gowling.

"The players are all okay, but concerned about their livelihood moving forward.

"It's about keeping them engaged and focused. It's also getting them into a routine they can do every day.

"Footballers are creatures of habit and when something drops like that they can feel down.

"What we have done mentally is look at it like a pre-season. Working alongside the strength and conditioning coaches each player has a certain amount of runs at times and days around them.

"If they don't complete it then they are fined. It's more about fitness levels and strengthening week by week in blocks.

"It is difficult as running is never going to be the same as games and match sharpness.

"But the players are doing the maximum of what they can do themselves."