HEREFORD FC have made a dent in their reserves due to a combination of a drop in attendances this season, player’s contracts and the coronavirus.

The Bulls have been without a home game for over a month while National League matches have been suspended until at least April 3.

Hereford chairman Andrew Graham is currently self-isolating after exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus.

Graham took time to answer some questions submitted by fans.

When asked how the club was coping with limited income?

Graham said: “The board have made several operational and other changes to try and limit losses, we are meeting remotely on a regular basis to try and ensure that we are making the best choices based on.

“We had already lost significant operating income through a drop in gates. That, combined with a number of playing contracts that we had been tied into, followed by this disaster, has made a dent in reserves that is unnacceptable! But we will pull through. Other Clubs may not be so fortunate.

“We are actively looking into whether the Government assistance will apply to us, the FA are talking directly to the government regarding this.

“We’ve appealed for support and donations from fans and have been delighted by the response from people who have purchased a virtual match ticket and / or items from the club shop and once again, I am staggered by the generosity and loyalty that this great club of ours attracts.”

When asked if matches would be played behind closed doors? Graham added that players’ contracts were set to end at the end of April/start of May for many teams at Hereford’s level.