ROSS Tennis Centre’s B team kept their promotion hopes alive in the Hereford and Worcestershire Tennis League with a fourth victory on the bounce.

A break in the wet weather allowed them to take on Woolhope B in the mixed league.

Tim Barnard and Heather Peachey playing as Ross’ first pair got off to a good start against the opposition’s first pair of Dale Preece and Georgie Limb.

With some steady play in the tricky conditions they soon won the first set 6-2.

Woolhope settlled into their stride during the second set but Ross eventually pulled through winning 6-4.

The new Ross pairing of Jamie Farr and Amanda Kiernan on the adjacent court took on the Woolhope second pair in their first rubber.

With some strong serving from both Farr and Kiernan they quickly saw off the opposition winning 6-2 6-1.

The second rubber for Barnard and Peachey saw them take a convincing win in straight sets.

Barnard’s skidding serves out wide and brilliant low sliced shots down the middle of the court made it hard for the Woolhope pair of Debbie Mason and Phil Towle to get the ball back.

The Ross pair won 6-0 6-0 and retired quickly to the pavilion to watch the other rubber.

Farr and Kiernan now playing the Woolhope first pair were finding the very gusty conditions getting more difficult by the minute.

Ross took the first set 6-4 with Farr and Kiernan putting away anything loose at the net.

However, the second set it was nip and tuck in the second set with the Woolhope pairing of Preece and Georgie Limb making every shot count during a marathon 6-4 win.

All was to play for in the third set with both pairs finding some shots impossible to play as the wind picked up and caused the ball to snake in all directions or stop up completely.

Woolhope battled the elements well and with some grit and determination took the third set 6-2.

Overall Ross won the match 3-1 which they were delighted with as it gives them four wins in a row and keeps their chances of promotion on track.