HEREFORD defender Martin Riley played on despite his shoulder popping out during Hereford’s 4-1 win over York City.

Riley has suffered the injury twice already this season and plans to have surgery in the summer.

Despite his shoulder popping out against York in the 19th minute the defender played on and saw out the match.

“It’s not great, it’s popped out again, but he was a soldier and carried on today," said Hereford skipper Jarrod Hodgkiss.

“Fair play to him, he’s got a big heart Martin Riley has. Sometimes adrenaline gets you through, so can we give him some adrenaline for Saturday?”

In recent weeks Riley has been strapping up his shoulder and hoping that it doesn’t pop out again until the end of the season when he plans to have it operated on.

Speaking following Saturday’s 2-0 defeat to Altrincham, Riley said: “It’s one of them it felt great again last time when I was back but it ended up popping out again.

“It feels great and I’m strapping it up this time Georges (Berthonneau, sports rehabilitator) is giving us proper shoulder strapping to keep it locked into the socket.

“I need an operation to be honest but I’ve decided with (interim manager Josh) Gowling to wait until the end of the season to get an operation and risk it popping out again.

“It’s one of them, it might not pop out again and might next week. I’ll have the operation at the end of the season and the recover time is two to three months.

“If I get it done right at the end of the season I’ll be back for next year. It’s a bit of a gamble but if it pops out I’ve got the operation booked in anyway.”