HEREFORD’S interim assistant manager Steve Burr says he has been impressed by the players that are currently playing at Edgar Street.

Talking during a joint Facebook question and answer session alongside interim manager Josh Gowling, Burr said: “In the short space of time that I’ve been here I’ve been really impressed with the squad.

“They’ve obviously lost a bit of direction along the way but the squad in general, there are some really good young players there.

“At the minute it’s just getting those breaks that you need in football and that little bit of luck along the way. In the short space of time that I’ve been here I’ve been quite impressed particularly when you see them in training and how they are having a go to try and earn something next season.”

Gowling is currently giving all the current squad a chance to impress him to earn their place at Edgar Street next season.

“We’re giving all the lads at this football club right now the opportunity to be here next season, Gowling said.

“Regardless of if we are speaking to other players for next season, if the lads can do what they can do then those signings won’t matter because the lads will be here next season.”

Talks with potential signings in the summer have already started and Gowling said he wants a ‘more physical’ side.

“We have got some targets and obviously we need to start the ball rolling now regarding building a squad for next season,” said Gowling.

“If we leave it too late, these conversations are already going on around the country. We’ve got signings that we want and a brand of football that we want.

“We want a bit more of a physically present team, that’s a big thing for us. They’re the kind of players we’re going to be looking at next season.

Burr added: “With the history of the club and the size of the club you’re always going to have the chance of attracting potentially better players.

“At the end of day it all boils down to money, but with Josh’s contacts and lads who he’s played with and the contacts that I’ve got, we’re more than confident that we can get the right type of personnel in here to push for promotion next year.