SATURDAY football will return to Leominster this season as their side are preparing to join the Herefordshire Division One.

Leominster Town has reformed its senior side after withdrawing from the league a year ago due to a lack of players.

Now with an enthusiastic young squad led by player/manager Matt Strangwood they are re-joining the league.

"I was playing for a team away last year so decided to attempt to get a team together as nobody else wanted to do it," said Stangwood.

"I thought I would have a go and now we have got between 15 and 20 players. We have got a lot of young lads aged 17 and 18 and most of them have been playing in different areas.

"I have played in the Herefordshire Division One for Orleton and think that we should be alright with that standard.

"Last time I played for Leominster we had three teams with one in the West Midlands League and two in the Herefordshire League

"It was a shame to see Leominster go down so I thought I would have a go and do something."

The side will play at the football stadium at Bridge Street Sports Centre.

Strangwood added: "We have five or six friendlies lines up against local teams ahead of the season. However, we're having trouble with our mower and the groundsman has been ill."

Across the county border Wooferton have also re-formed their senior side and joined Division Two.

Orleton Reserves bosses Dane Pearce and Alan Hoppcutt have left to take over at Woofferton.

Matchday secretary and veteran player David Thomas says the club will request to start at the league’s lowest level, Division Two, and bid to work their way up.

He said: “We were in Division One the last ten seasons but we want to go into Division Two, we want to start at the bottom and earn our way up, hopefully beginning with promotion this year.

“I’m really happy Dane and Alan have come over and they will be bringing some players with them so we have a ready-made squad.

“There might also be a few former Woofferton players who stopped playing and didn’t go to other clubs, who might now come back, so we are confident we have enough to bolster the squad.”

Thomas admitted he was unsure what the future would hold when Woofferton withdrew from the league last summer to focus on the club’s junior system.