HEREFORD Taekwondo fighters came away with a host of medals from the recent Welsh Championships held in Cardiff.

Leading by example once again was Ben Hargreaves who backed up his European title in the 4th Dan and above patterns.

He was victorious again in Cardiff and came very close to making it a double celebration, just losing out after an extension to World Champion Luke Metcalfe in sparring.

Kelly Marshall washed aside all in front of her, winning gold in patterns and sparring for the second weekend in a row.

Marshall is undefeated in her weight category for over a year.

Adam Janczewski dropped down a division after losing nearly three stone in weight to come away with one gold, three silvers and a bronze, in sparring, patterns and power tests.

This was a fantastic achievement for Janczewski who is the first person to score over one million on the power test in the fight fit category which has a reputation for being gruelling.

Patryk Janczewski backed up the teams results with a silver in sparring and bronze in hand power.

Meanwhile Daniel Janczewski also secured a bronze in leg power.

Tomos Sheppard was also amongst the medal winners taking bronze in sparring.

If anyone is interested in taking up Taekwondo, please contact Master David Sheppard 7th Dan on 07966 429392.