CLUB legend Phil Glover has been appointed as the new manager at Westfields with his side having a new challenge after being moved to the Hellenic Premier Division next season.

Previous Fields manager Andy Bevan resigned from his role last week and Glover, who was already part of the backroom staff, was selected for the main role.

Last season Westfields had appealed a decision to keep them in the Midlands Premier Division and were delighted by the FA's decision announced on Sunday to move them for the coming season.

Also moved across to the Hellenic League are Lads Club, Wellington and Pegasus Juniors.

"It really does feel like this coming season will have a real freshness around the place," said Glover.

"We have been going to the Midlands League for 12 years and the same Worcester road on a Tuesday night.

"The same grounds and certain places where it was a hard slog at times. It is a reward for the loyal people around the club that have stuck through all those tough times.

"Now we are going to have the chance going to the Hellenic and meeting new teams.

"We are under no illusion that it's going to be a tough league. I've heard people say it's an easy league but we won't do anything if we don't prepare right for it.

"You can see in the FA Vase this year the teams in the Hellenic have gone quite far in it.

"We're under no illusions that it's going to be tough but at the same time very exciting."

Pegasus Juniors have been reprieved of relegation and will remain at step six of non-league pyramid alongside Wellington and Hereford Lads Club in the 14-side Division One West along with Malvern Town.

Westfields chief executive Andy Morris said that the move will make travelling to away matches easier.

"It's a fresh approach to trying to get this promotion that we dearly want," added Morris.

"Geographically it's a lot easier for us to get down to Swindon and Oxford than it was Loughborough or Leicester.

"The players are all looking forward to it. We have met sides from the Hellenic league over the years and it's a good standard.

"They play a lot more football than the physical approach we have become accustom to in the Midland Football League.

"We will be pushing as we want to be top four and top two. We will certainly have a good go at it."

Glover will be joined in the Westfields dugout by assistant manager and head coach Paul Willetts and assistant coach Scott Jackson.

The club have also goalkeeping coach Rory Hollingshead.

All of the backroom staff have previous experience at Westfields and Glover said that his relationship with the current players was a factor in him getting the role.

"Luckily we have still got that local core that I have played with for eight or nine years," added Glover.

"That was a big factor in my decision to take the role. Having them here with me as manager was a big part of it."

Morris added that as a former captain of Westfields the current players already respect their new manager.

"He's a popular choice and a popular guy and has given this club 10 years service already as a player and captain," added Morris.

"He was with us through thick and thin and was in the 2016/17 FA Cup run.

"He knows the ethos of the club and what the players want. He is massive not only in physical height but he is a big personality and popular lad.

"Because he has played the game people look up to him. He has lifted a bit of silverware in his time at Westfields so we're looking forward to him lifting some as a manager now."