HEREFORD United Supporters Trust (HUST) have a target of £98,000 to raise by March 2020 as they look to reach a 50 per cent shareholding in Hereford FC.

The Trust recently presented Hereford FC with £15,000 taking the current total HUST Shareholding to £190,000 – which is 40 per cent of the HFC share capital.

In addition Hereford fan Oliver Beach has raised £1,000 for HUST by selling a series of donated items on eBay, with the proceeds going towards the Trust's share purchase in Hereford FC.

He presented HUST with a cheque of the money raised at half-time during the Hereford FC against Boston United match.

HUST have a host of fundraising initiatives including the Prize Bull 500 Club, Easy Fundraising online shopping, Sports Club Lottery and 50/50 matchday draw.

The Trust also have a GoFundMe page through which individuals can create their own fundraising challenges.

For more information about fundraising for HUST visit their fundraising page at :