FOOTBALL managers say will embrace the introduction of sin bins for dissent at step five and six of the non-league pyramid next season.

After a successful trial over the past two seasons at grass routes level it is set to be introduced in the Midlands Premier, West Midlands Leagues and Herefordshire County Leagues next season.

The sin bins would be for dissent only. Other cautions and red cards remain unaffected and dissent deemed by the referee to involve behaviour that is insulting, abusive or offensive would still result in a player being sent off in line with existing rules.

Westfields play at step five on the non-league pyramid and manager Andy Bevan welcomes the changes.

He said: "We will encourage it massively.

"Things like that will help us because you have to compete at this level and it's a physically massively tough level.

"I think the sin-bin will bring it. If it will help officials then they need all the help they can get. I'm not criticising them by that but we all need help.

"If they bring it in and it's a positive thing then we will embrace it. It can work but it has got to be managed and I hope they know it 100 per cent.

"It's a difficult one to work but I'm sure they will and we will all embrace it and make it work. If it's going to benefit us all then it's for the good of the game."

Wellington play alongside Pegasus Juniors and Lads Club in the West Midlands Premier which will also see sin bins introduced.

Welly manager Gary Stevens also supports the introduction of sin bins providing it is used correctly.

He added: "That should have been introduced years ago.

"I think it is a good idea if the referees use it correctly and it is good for the game. It is going to get different players hyped up but gives the referees chance to get on with the game while the manager deals with the player.

"A sin bin still has an effect on the team during that 10-minute period. It will be interesting while the referees are trying it out.

"We don't want referees to start enthusiastically sin binning two or three players in the first 15 minutes as that might ruin the game.

"So as long as they are sensible about what they are doing I do believe it is right. I think the verbal abuse that referees get is awful and not just on the pitch but also on the side-lines.

"What's coming from the side of the pitch often mirrors what's happening on the pitch."